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"Capacity Building in Sustainability for Architectural Heritage”

Updating and improvement of the quality of curricula in the sphere of Sustainability for Architectural Heritage in Russian Federation, Armenia and Iran
The Project Objectives:

The SAH Project in the framework of the Capacity Building Erasmus+ programme aims at upgrading the academic disciplines of B.A. and M.A. curricular in the field of restoration and preservation of cultural heritage, and expanding modules in the field of sustainable development of the architectural heritage by applying new technical-innovative tools. Moreover, interdisciplinary approaches in Russian Federation, Armenia and Iran will meet the needs of sustainable development of a global market. New interdisciplinary models for Bachelor's and Master's programmes in terms of practice-oriented education will establish a new generation of architects and conservators with a good scientific basis.

Project specific objectives:

1. Development and testing of new interdisciplinary training models for Bachelor and Master degree level curricula of architectural practical-oriented education for Architectural Heritage in line with best EU practices to increase awareness and responsiveness to environmental and economic changes. All courses / modules / programmes will cover the items outlined in the ICOMOS Guidelines for Education and training in the conservation of Monuments, Ensembles and Sites (1993).
2. Creation of an interactive platform for education, science, practitioners and authorities in order to form modern professional competences of specialists, responding to the needs of a sustainable society in the sphere of Architectural Heritage.
The project period is from 15.01.2021-14.01.2024, and it contains five work packages of Preparation, Development, Quality assurance, Dissemination, Management; the activities designed for each work package were specified by work package leader thoroughly, and were submitted to the partners.

WP1 – Preparation (January 2021 – June 2021)
1.1 Development of the competence list and curricula.
1.2 New courses and training materials: 32 teachers from Russian Federation, Armenia and Iran will have intensive training in EU with aim to study new methods of practice-oriented training, QAS and methods of organization of team work on student projects; methods of interaction with enterprises will also be carried out.

WP2 – Development (June 2021 – December 2023)
2.1 Creation of the Network of Multidisciplinary Centres (NSAH). Practical implementation of the developed curriculum is planned to create a special network infrastructure - Network of Multidisciplinary centres "Sustainability for Architectural Heritage" (NSAH) and equip it with multipoint video conferencing. 16 NSAH staff (2 in each partner university) will be carefully selected and trained in the EU universities.
2.2 For testing of the developed curricula and courses in the final year of the project, 100 students of advanced courses will be trained in Russian Federation, Armenia and Iranian universities.
2.3 At a special seminar a panel of experts will select three project tasks for diploma projects and form international student teams to implement these projects.

WP3 – Quality plan (April 2021 – December 2023)
3.1 For quality control and monitoring of project activities, two teams will be created: The Internal Monitoring and Quality Control Team (IMQCT) and the External Quality Control Team (EQCT).
3.2 Two seminars to consider 'quality' will be arranged for the second and third years of the project.

WP4 – Dissemination and exploitation of results (April 2021 – December 2023)
Mechanism for dissemination of the project results is one of the tools for ensuring its sustainability. Project interaction of universities, industrial enterprises and architectural education associations will enable the establishment of interactive channels for knowledge transfer between enterprises and universities. Final international conference will be held.

WP5 – Management (January 2021 – December 2023)
The project provides an effective 2-tier structure of management: the overall management and management at the country level. Overall project management will be performed by the Project Board (PB), which will include representatives of all the partners. PB will be in charge of the overall planning of the project implementation, monitoring of the activities and organization of effective interaction between all members. PB will prepare reports on the activities and financies twice a year, which will be discussed at seminars and by videoconferencing.
The first meeting in connection to the project organized by Prof. Edoardo Alesse, the Rector of the “Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, Italy” on February 16-17, 2021 which was held online due to the current situation with Covid 19. All the principles in respect of the project were determined entirely in that session. Together with EU partners Tabriz Islamic Art University, will present the SHA info, news and materials needed for the implementation of the project.


The Project Partners are:
Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, Italy - Main Coordinator Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule | RWTH Aachen University Faculty of Architecture, Germany
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Moscow State (National Research) University of Civil Engineering, Russia
Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering, Russia
Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V.Lomonosov, Russia
Samara State Technical University, Russia National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, Armenia
Goris State University, Armenia University of Tehran, Iran
Tabriz Islamic Art University, Iran
Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Armenia, Armenia  

Project  information:       Project type: Erasmus+ Capacity-Building in Higher Education

                                          Coordinator: University of L’ Aquila (Italy)

                                           Implementation period: 15.01.2021 – 14.01.2024Grant

                                           Grant  Number: 618843-EPP-1-2020-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP


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