In near future, there will be more detailed Ph.D. Programs on Islamic architecture amd Islamic Urbanism for international and mobility program students, which followingly the process of acceptance will be on TIAU's website.

Ph.D. of Islamic Architecture Program:
Contemporary Architecture: Theories and Schools
Architectural and Nature
Islamic Architecture: Wisdom and Methods
Selected Discussions in Architecture
Shared Language of Architecture and Other Arts
Analytic History of Building Technologies
Methods of Empirical Sciences in Design and Criticism of Space
Religions’ Architecture
Climate and Architecture
Final Dissertation
Ph.D. of Islamic Urbanism Program:
Use of Quantitative Methods in Planning
Urbanism and Islamic Culture
Contemporary Urbanism
Human’s Natural Environment
Legal, Civil and Common Aspects of Urbanism
City Aesthetics
New Theories of Urbanism
National and Regional  Planning
Adaptive Planning
Urban Morphology
Landscaping Theories
History of City and Urbanization
Urbanism in Islamic Period
Thoughts in Urbanism
History and Evolutions of Housing in Iran
Investment in City Development
Housing: Planning and Evolutions
City Transportation
Physical Reconstruction
Restoration and Revitalization of Old City Fabric
Final Dissertation


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