How to Apply

Applying Steps
Applying process can seem overwhelming, but we're here to guide you through the application process. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to apply to TIAU as an international applicant.

1- Explore TIAU and Make Your Decision
Exploring and familiarizing yourself with the services provided by TIAU can help you make an informed decision for applying. To find out details visit facilities page

2- Make Sure You Are Eligible for Applying
Make sure you will meet the eligibility requirements including your residential status, graduation status, your GPA, language proficiency and your SAORG portal status. For more details you can visit Eligible Applicants & Entry Eligibility Requirements.

3- Decide What to Study
TIAU offers its undergraduate, graduate degrees and certificate programs in various academic majors and with certain enrollment capacity. The offered majors and enrollment capacity are subject to changes in each academic year and semesters. Considering offered degrees, enrollment capacity and course requirements, select your degree and major to start your academic journey.
 For the offered majors of each academic year you can visit TIAU Educational Programs Page.

4- Know Your Deadlines
There are important deadlines you should know throughout the application process. TIAU academic year is divided into two terms so there are two deadline dates for application submission. These dates are determined every academic year and published on Dates & Deadline webpage. Before applying, or even deciding what you want to study consider the deadline dates. We encourage you to start applying as early as possible. Starting early will help to ease any stress that might arise later in the process.

5- Prepare Application Documents
Prepare the required application documents in advance so that you have everything on hand when you need them. As part of your application you will need to provide scanned colored file of original documents and your photo in required format, size and dimensions. Ensure that scanned files are legible and no information is cut off during scanning. For application documents format see the Application Documents page.  
6- Create an Account for SAORG Portal
All international applicants are required to create an account for Students Affairs Organization Portal and get a 5 digit tracing code. Once you have submitted your application, you can monitor the status of your application through SAORG.
7- Fill out Application Form and Submit Your Application
 Complete the digital form using keyboard NOT pen and then email the application form and relevant documents to  
In order to ensure quick and efficient processing of your application, you are required to keep your email subject line clear and professional and to name all documents sent to our email. To keep your email subject line clear and professional it should include “Apply” term, your first and last name as written in your passport, your preferred degree and major as an below example.
Example: Subject: Apply, Mohammad Abbas Jabbar, MSc. Architecture
To name the application documents apply the following file naming conventions:
General Example: Your First name - Last name - Document type - .jpg.
Specific Example: Mohammad-Jabbar-passport.jpg.
By naming your files according to the above specifications, we can better serve you and the rest of applicant community. For more information you can visit Application documents Page.  
Note, all the correspondence including admission decision outcomes and visa notes will be done through the email address which your application has been sent from.

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