Tabriz Islamic Art University was established in 1999 following the important speech of the Iranian supreme leader during the meeting with the members of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution on Islamic art and after the approval of the Council for the Extension of Higher Education in the buildings donated by the Iranian Supreme Leader (formerly known as Khosravi Leather Factory), in the year named as Year of Imam Ali (1378).
Tabriz Islamic Art University holds specialized faculties in the fields of arts and architecture. Some of the disciplines were founded for the first time in the country. The specialized and equipped university workshops are existed for the use of modern educational methods to meet the specialized, applied and skillful needs of students, as well as to enhance their knowledge and professional skills.
The University has paid special attention to students’ relationship with traditional arts and bringing brilliant talents up, training well-educated students, and paying attention to work and entrepreneurship. The university, with the cooperation of talented professors, honorable staff and esteemed students, tries to act as an entrepreneurial university with a fully electronic official system. In this regard, it has been planned in a way that the students are to attend classes every other day and present their taught in the field of production and occupation in the coming day.

Faculties: Tabriz Islamic Art university is one of the highest-ranked art universities in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It has seven main faculties, including:
​​​​The Historical context of the university
Another important mission of Tabriz Islamic Art University is to preserve, repair and rehabilitation some of the historical monuments of the metropolitan city of Tabriz. Hence, the university proceeded to purchase and restore old buildings and use them as faculties. The central campus of the university, which used to be the Khosravi leather factory, was the first factory operated in the history of Iran's industry. This site was founded in 1934. The electric generator of this plant is the first Iranian industrial generator in history, built in 1935 in Leningrad, Russia, and its six-cylinder diesel provided electricity to some parts of Tabriz. It was restored by the staff and the student of conservation and restoration in 2014 and is located in the students' food court and the Sports hall. Information about other buildings and historical buildings of the university is given in the sections related to faculties.


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