Fees & Tuitions
Costs and payments
There are many costs to consider when a student goes to college or university both direct and indirect. Here you will find out what fees you're required to pay. Please be aware that all fees are subject to annual reviews and they may differ from year to year. Note, the fees outlined apply to academic year, 2021- 2022. Check back later in the year to view our updated fees for future academic year. 

1- Tuition fees
Getting information about tuition rates can help you manage your education costs at TIAU. All international students will pay tuition fees based on the degree they've chosen. The fees vary between degrees and the year in which you study. Tuition fee costs are subject to change and are determined each year and updated figures will be published on this page each academic year. The Annual Tuition fees of Non-resident foreign students at Tabriz Islamic Art University for 2021-2022 Academic year are as following:
Study Programs Academic years- Semesters Tuition fees
Doctoral Program 4 year course- 8 semesters 1200$
Master’s Program 2 year course- 4 semesters 700$
Bachelor’s Program 4 year course- 8 semesters 400$

2- Insurance Fees
TIAU requires that all registered international students carry adequate insurance coverage. To meet this requirement you will pay the insurance fees once and annually. You can find the monthly insurance fees (IRR) for academic year 2021-2022 in the table below.
Type of Insurance Costs per Month(IRR)
Health Insurance 1.023.500
Personal Accident Insurance 32.288
Total 1.055.788
 3- Accommodation Fees
TIAU provides double rooms (meaning two beds in one room) for its international students. In a double room you have one roommate.
The accommodation fee is paid once for a one academic year.
Room Type Monthly Costs (IRR)
Double 15.000.000
4- Meal Costs
All students are required to pay for student meal plan. Payment for all meals is made by way of your university student card. To pay for your meals, you just swipe your student card for each meal. You can find the meal costs (IRR) for academic year 2021-2022 in the table below.
Meal Costs
Breakfast 100.000
Lunch 400.000
Dinner 400.000
Total 900.000

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