Student Support Services
To provide a safe and convenient environment, TIAU provides a range of services for its international students. 

1. On–campus Housing
TIAU provides dormitories and University Guest House for all students, both girls and boys. Single international students are required to live in campus. Please kindly be informed that accommodation of single students in any residential house not affiliated to TIAU is prohibited by Iranian law and all single international students must stay in dormitories belonging to the University. In the case of married students currently TIAU cannot provide housing for other family members (wife/husband/children, etc.) but if they wish to be accommodated in the dormitory of single students, the university can help them get a room. Also, if married students want to have their family members accommodated in the city, they might refer to the Immigration and Passport Office and complete the process to obtain the needed permissions. Afterward, they can rent a flat outside the university.

2. On–campus Dining
With dining halls, TIAU provides convenient access to daily meals for all students.
Several eating facilities are open Saturday to Thursday on:
  • Pardis central  Campus;
The student Restaurant of Pardis by 600 person capacity
The master Restaurant of Pardis by 100 person capacity
The student Buffet of Pardis by 90 person capacity (where you can buy drinks, starters, hot main dishes, Sandwich, etc. you can eat on site or take away.
  • Maghsodiyeh Campus;
Maghsodiyeh by 200 person capacity
The student Buffet of Maghsodiyeh by 30 person capacity
3. Health Services
The student health & counseling center is on Multimedia campus and provides counseling services to all registered students at Tabriz Islamic Art University. The counselors at the center is physician and psychologist and they are ready visit students by an appointment during the week.
All registered students at Tabriz Islamic Art University, are eligible to receive counseling services at the in student health & counseling center. Difficulties in relationships, Depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, identity problems, substance abuse issues and problems interfering with academic functioning are some of the concerns students address through counseling. The student health & counseling center does not offer treatment for all emotional or psychological disorders, particularly those disorders that are chronic, severe, or involving the high risk of harm to self or others, including severe personality or psychotic disorders, and severe substance abuse or recovery. Clients needing extended treatment or special services beyond those offered at the student health & counseling center will be referred to competent resources in the Terre Haute community.
 Everything in student health & counseling center is free.
  • please If you have further questions about our services, or want to make an appointment, please call us at +9841-35419962, +9841-35412133,+9841-35419961
  •  or stop in to the Center, located on the 2nd floor of Apple building in Multimedia campus
4. Health Insurance / Medical & Personal Accident Insurance
TIAU requires that all its international students carry adequate insurance coverage to provide protection against unexpected accidents and illnesses.
TIAU student insurance plan is an annually plan and students will purchase the plan at their own expense.
Our Student Services Office can provide detailed information about services provided to support students. 

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