Prof. Mohammadali Kaynejad was born in 1951 in a religious family in Tabriz. He successfully completed his studies at Azar elementary school and Ferdowsi high school in Tabriz. ­ In 1973, he received his degree in the field of Environmental Engineering from Tabriz University. In 1974 and 1975, he received a Master of Science in Dynamics of Meteorology from Pierre Marie Curie University and Energy and Pollution from the University of Paris. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the Pierre Marie Curie University of Paris, where he also taught for one year. Teaching at Paris University in 1974 and 1975, being an Assistant Professor at Bo Ali Sina University of Hamadan from 1979 to 2006, an Associate Professor at Tabriz University from 1979 to 2005, and a professor at Sahand University of Technology since 2005, are his important educational activities.
His scientific and management experiences include working as a scientific advisor (in the field of meteorology and water) for Khatam al-Anbiya engineering center for eight years, being Hamedan Governor, being founder and manager of the Water Engineering Department of Tabriz University, and establishing and chairing the Sahand University of Technology and Tabriz Islamic Art University.
­­­­In addition, he has been the member and secretary of the High Council of the Cultural Revolution, a permanent member of the Arts Academy and Arts Council of the country, a member of the Commission on Equipment and Instruments, and the WMO Observations of Leipzig, a member of the Asian Hydrology Commission, the founder of the Cultural and Scientific Complex in Rabe Rashidy of Tabriz, and the Head of the College Recruitment in Research centers and higher education institutions of the country.
Holding the title of Selected Professor in Iran, receiving Iran's medal of cultural heritage, the honorable presidential Certificate of Appreciation due to the revival and protection of the old houses of Tabriz, emergence and achievement of Islamic arts and crafts, the award for the best book about water engineering, the award for the Tabriz Book of the Year in two Department of Art and History are among his awards and qualifications.
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